Spring Track


Spring Track

April 2 – June 25th


2 x per week 400$

1 x per week 275$

50$ Annual Team Fee

Payment method : Venmo Ted-Towle

Practices are 1 hour and I encourage parents to get their 60 minutes of large muscle group rhythmic exercise in as well.

American College of Sports Medicine recommendations are 45 minutes 3 x week.

Schedule and Locations

Monday 5:15 PM Kensico Dam 

Tuesday 6 PM Scarsdale High School Track / Trail (Behind Pickle Ball courts) (Limited to 20 kids)

Wednesday 4:30 PM Highlands Middle School Track / Jack Harrington Trail head

Thursday 6 PM Scarsdale High School Track / Trail (Behind Pickle Ball courts) (Limited to 20 kids)

Saturday 12 Noon  Kensico Dam 

(I encourage younger kids to come Saturday’s)


Please note USATF Memberships are needed for these races (26$)

Fee: 15-20$

April 10th: Icahn Stadium @ 10AM

April 30th: Icahn Stadium @ 10AM

(Relay races with mixed age groups!!!)

May 14th: Icahn Stadium – Twilight meet @ 4PM

May 22: Icahn Stadium @ 10 AM

June 29th-July 2: Icahn Stadium – USATF Outdoor Nationals